Book Reviews

I just returned from my first speaking engagements since my new book was released on Nov. 28th. First was the Carolina Meat Conference in Bermuda Run, North Carolina and second was the ACRES USA conference in Louisville, Kentucky. I received a lot of good feedback both on my new book and my presentation topics, met a ton of wonderful folks doing important work on this planet, and sold a bunch of books. It was a great way to kick off my ad-hoc book tour of conferences and book readings around the country over the next year.

Some really flattering book reviews have started to filter in for Farms With a Future. Here are a couple excerpts that I would like to share:

ForeWord Reviews“Each chapter contains photographs of the farms and farmers, which helps drive home for the reader that these are real people who have—through sacrifice, planning, and hard work—found ways to farm that supports their values. Additionally, each chapter ends with “Take-Home Messages,” a bulleted summary of dos and don’ts that affirm much of what each family farm story demonstrates. A superior book for its information, organization, and examples, Farms with a Future is essential for dreamers who intend to be doers, and doers who are seeking more creative dreaming.” Jennifer Fandel

Shannon Hayes blog“This book was sent to me to review this summer, and I knew then that it would be something special. The author learned many of her farming lessons the hard way, then chose to take some time off to learn from sustainable farmers across the country. The result is a practical introduction to the world of sustainable agriculture that simply cannot be gleaned from any Farm Business 101 course. Thistlethwaite covers a wide array of scenerios from landless start-ups to multi-generational businesses, from vegetables and fruit, to dairy, meat, and other value-added ventures. She covers record keeping and family resource management, holistic management, whole-farm planning, marketing and customer relationships. I think it is an especially valuable read for anyone who is considering farming as a career. But it is equally important for those of us who’ve been in the business a while to look it over and think about the elements we’ve been neglecting, and the areas where we could improve.”

NOFA The Natural Farmer“Just as it is a great gift for a beginner farmer to find a compassionate, patient and experienced mentor in life – one that helps us navigate the somewhat tumultuous waters of growth and change as we test our wings – so it is meaningful when someone decides to take time out from life to share their experiences of success or failure in their field of expertise. How valuable to be guided by someone’s wisdom as we move forward and make decisions about how to make positive steps forward in our businesses, and when to move forward with our new ideas. It’s the guidance we all hope for in all aspects of life.

Lucky for us, this is the gift that Rebecca Thistlethwaite gives us with her new book, Farms with a Future. Rich with the wisdom she and her husband, Jim Dunlop, garnered from years of farming in California – at first, seat of the pants and small scale – then full throttle production. After intense business development, they decided to step back, evaluate what they wanted for themselves and their business, and learn more before they crafted their own next steps. During this time, they traveled and worked with other farmers across the U.S. who are using innovative practices to not only farm well, but farm smart. We are the recipients of what they’ve learned from their hard-won experience and dedication to helping the rest of us. I think you’ll agree that we are all glad they made that decision.” Eve Springwood Minson

Thank you all for the kind words. If you too enjoy the book, please post a review on Amazon. That will help drive sales, especially out to bookstores across the country.



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